Our posy is: "Perfect is not good enough".

We like it, low, slow, fast, does not matter how it is, it's need to be such a quality as original. We like the mood and the atmosphere of a quality wheel or a whole car. We are here to help other people to achieve this feeling.

This website was created for the presentation of my works, please, feel free and navigate on this site, take a look on the pictures. Have a good time.


Custom Modifications

Do you like the original look mods? The solid modifications with no bling do not came out so clearly. That is the beauty of Oem methods. Are you thinking about an ideea long time ago and don't know what to do with that? Contact us and we can find a way to do it.


We have some restoration projects, even complete cars or only parts. Working with old cars or some parts of it, is not easy, you have to work very patiently with them, some parts are irreplaceable.

Check out our works photo gallery for more.


We are executing parts in details, for example polishing aluminium parts, sanding and painting rims, and not only.

You can see here some photos for example.

Technical solutions

3.2 Vr6 instead of 1.6 Sr? No problem, we can help you out with technical solutions, physical parts swap or even custom wiring.

Contact us.

Latest Parts FOR SALE

  • Maserati steering wheel 2014-02-14 by KTBStudio Maserati steering wheel For sale, originalMaserati Ghibli wood steering wheel.
  • Audi A8 Wood steering wheel 2014-02-06 by KTBStudio Audi A8 Wood steering wheel For sale original Audi A8 wood steering wheel with airbag.  
  • Audi TT rims 2014-02-06 by KTBStudio For sale Audi TT rims, vibro finished For sale a set of Audi tt 7x16 rims, full vibro finished.
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