Seat Ibiza 6K Vr6

Seat Ibiza 6K Vr6

This little Seat starts his life as a retractive grey mouse in the traffic, but we have done the vr6 engine swap, the result is very impressive. The little car runs like a "rabbit", the engine came from a Golf Mk3 vr6 2.9 syncro, obd 2 version. After the swap the suspension and the brakes are upgraded to the engine level.

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Golf Mk3 Retro style

Golf Mk3 93'

This little Golf mk3 starts his life as a 1.4 Cl version, but the new owner wanted something else, a good usable and comfortable daily car with good mpg. The engine remains the 1.4 version but the equipment reached the highline state.

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Golf Mk3 Gti V5

Golf Mk3 Gti V5

This car has a long story, i own it from year 2005, i have done a couple modifications on the car. Originaly it was a simple Gti with 116 horsepower. The equpment was very low, the only extra was the electric sunroof. By the way, it was retrofitted the climatronic, electric windows ,heated mirrors and Golf 4 interior.

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Golf Mk4

Vw Golf Mk4

This solid Golf is an every day car for daily driving. It's powered by a 1.6 fsi engine, dropped with a Ta-Technix coilover, the wheels are the original Gti version, there are US side markers in the front bumper.

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Audi 80 coupe

Audi 80 Coupe Gt

This beauty from the middle of 80's is a rare model. It is the 2.3 5 cylinder version with automatic gearbox and K-jetronic injection. The body and the interior are in good original condition, but under the hood everything it was a little bit rusty, in 2011 arrived in our garage to a "under the hood" and engine cosmetic surgery.

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