Brake question

When you increase the performance of your car, it is necessary to increase breaking performance too, otherwise you could wake up in a corner without sufficient brake power.

When talking about upgrade, isn't necessary to change all the brake parts, but in other cases you must change everything that means brake parts. For example, if you change the calipers and the master cylinder remains the original one, then you ended up with a long long pedal course and without brake force, need a bigger brake master cylinder.

In this case we have changed all. This brake is mounted on a Seat Ibiza with 3.2 dsg swap, in this case the brake was a very important question.

Parts list:
Porsche Cayenne 6 piston calipers, Ate original caliper springs and pads, Cayenne flexible brake lines, Epytec caliper holders, 323mm Ate discs and new solid brake lines, Transporter 4 Abs brake master cylinder.



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